Dentistry for Kids in Brownsville

We are general dentists who specialize in family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and dentistry for kids. As kids’ dentists, we are extremely kind, gentle and compassionate. We understand how anxious children might be about visiting the dentist, especially if they have had a previous bad experience with another dental practice, or it’s their first time visiting the dentist.

Thorough Dental Exam & Tooth-Colored Fillings

Your child’s first dental exam with us will be extremely thorough and comfortable, as will each dental check up going forward. Since a tooth cavity can be a common occurrence among children, even on baby teeth, we perform a careful dental exam to identify each cavity. We use tooth-colored fillings to repair the tooth cavity and keep your child’s smile beautiful. We check for cavities and gum disease regularly even on baby teeth.

As a parent you already know how challenging it can be to find a good dentist who is also good and patient with children, a dentist your child feels comfortable with. Our unique dentistry for kids program focuses on your child’s comfort and thorough, timely dental exams. Our tooth-colored fillings contain no metal and provide a perfect match with your child’s tooth color. So the fillings look great and no one will know that your child had cavities that have been filled, except you, your child and your child’s dentist.

A baby’s tooth cavity may be difficult to spot on visual examination. That’s why we use low-dose digital X-rays that provide the sharpest, most accurate images of your child’s teeth, no matter how small they are. Your child’s radiation exposure is dramatically reduced and your peace of mind is increased. We also check for early signs of gum disease at each visit. Our goal is to identify potential problems early before they become big, expensive problems.

Our young patients visit us from Brownsville, Harlingen, Los Fresnos, Port Isabel, San Benito, and nearby locations.

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