We accept Cigna, Delta Dental & Humana PPO insurance plans.

If your children are newly enrolled Medicaid or CHIP recipients or you are not presently signed up to have us as your children's "Primary Dentist," you can simply call the dental plan you are assigned to and request that they enroll you with us or switch you over. You will be required when enrolling or switching over to select a specific dentist at our office rather than just saying that you want to change to Valley Dental. Our dentist is Dr. Kevin Osborne.

Toll-Free Numbers for Changing your "Primary Dentist" Designation:

  • MCNA (Medicaid and CHIP) 855-691-6262
  • DentaQuest (Medicaid and CHIP) 800-896-2374

Our office staff can answer any questions you may have about enrolling with us or switching over to our office from another dental office. Call us at 956-546-2973 or stop by our office at 2334 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville for assistance.

Insurances Accepted:

We are Preferred Provides with Driscoll Pregnant Women, Texas Cigna Dental Health Plans, and Medicaid.


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